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The Carlin is a premium hair accessory that serves two functions simultaneously.It creates a sophisticated updo that is comfortable and secure while simultaneously creating beautiful curls. It can be used solely to secure a beautiful bun, or as a stylish way to look fantastic while curling the hair. No bobby pins required. One accessory & you are done!  

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👩‍🔧 90 Days Warranty

  • The Carlin's unique wire structure allows you to twist the ends to tighten the updo. This is why you will have a hairstyle that stays put all day. No bobby pins required. One accessory & you are done!

  • Other updo accessories are often made with plastic or sponge materials, which require users to hide it once it's in their hair. The Carlin is made with high quality velveteen to accent your hair, so you won’t want to hide it!

  • The Carlin is always comfortable even when sleeping or sitting against high-backed seat.

🏆The Results are In!

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

This is so easy to use and looks great, can be casual or sophisticated...my new favorite go to for doing my hair!

Tried it on my long hair...

I have straight long hair past the middle of my back. Curls easily but I don't have the time with irons and rollers. I watched a video by Mihoko to adapt for long hair but I still found it challenging. I figured out a way to do it and have become more flexible with my arms, lol. With the long length, I wash my hair every other day maybe every two... I blast my hair dry, put it in and the carlin gives me tons of curl and body for the next few days or more if I want. Win! Day 1 had tighter curls... pic is day2!

I had to try it and...

I figured my hair was too short but I was desparate and wanted to give it a try any way - so glad I did!


This came up on my FB news feed one day, and it intrigued me. My first ever Carlin arrived today. I wasn't sure how well it would work, since my hair is only shoulder length and very layerd, but it held my hair in a bun very well, and after wearing it for only 3 hours, I unwrapped my hair and was sure by these bouncy curls! This is definitely my new favorite hair product.


It's very pretty and comfortable!