Q: Does my hair have to be a certain length to use The Carlin?

A: We recommend The Carlin for anyone with hair long enough to be able to easily put their hair in a ponytail. Please check this example video to see The Carlin used on shorter/medium length hair or get a tutorial for use on our HOW-TO page. 

Q: I have a lot of short layers. Can I use The Carlin? 

A: If you are unable to easily put your hair in a ponytail without your hair falling out then The Carlin won’t be a good fit. As shown on the demo, the user needs to slide The Carlin down then roll her hair on to The Carlin. If the layers are short, you won’t be able to do this without many strands of your hair falling out of The Carlin. 

Q: Does The Carlin work on curly hair or braided hair?

A: Great question! The Carlin works for straight, curly, and braided hair to hold hair in updo. Here are pictures from customers who used The Carlin on naturally curly hair and braided hair. 

Q: I have long thick hair. Can I use The Carlin?

A: Definitely. Check out the Long Thick Hair example here. Looking at the reviews and testimonials section can also give you more examples and a better idea of what it will look like. We do recommend Black, Brunette, or Blonde Carlins for thick hair since they are slightly longer and have wider enclosed openings than Limited Edition Carlins made in CO. Putting 2 Carlins together and then styling them in your hair as shown in the demo video may also work better.

Q: I have thin/fine hair. Can I use The Carlin?

A: Of course! We recommend getting the color that is closest to your hair color. Limited Edition Carlins (Midnight Black, Chestnut, Tan) are slightly shorter than regular Carlins. But you can use Black/Brunette/Champagne Carlins. You may want to twist The Carlin before applying to hair so you can make the enclosed opening smaller. Check Example on shorter thin medium hair in the HOW-TO section. A few customers with fine hair suggest using 2 Carlins put together to make the bun look fuller.

Q: Do you have kid size Carlin?

We currently have The Carlin in 1 size as seen on our website. This is because you can adjust the length of The Carlin by twisting it around or folding in the edges before styling in hair. This will also enable users to make the enclosed opening smaller for people with thin hair or a child with less hair.


Q: How long does it take to curl my hair?

A: The length of time really depends on your hair texture. In this demo video, Mihoko wore The Carin for 2 hours before taking it off. Other customers with thinner hair have worn the Carlin for 30 minutes and already had gorgeous curls.

Q: I have very thick hair and it does not curl easily. What can I do to get curls from using The Carlin?

A: Everyone’s hair is very different and what works for one person may not work for the other. The best recommendation we can give for helping you get more defined curls is applying hair mousse or gel before using The Carlin. Mihoko uses the product below before applying The Carlin. Using such allows her to get long lasting curls in a shorter amount of time.

Q: Can I use The Carlin on wet hair?

A: You can apply The Carlin to dry or wet hair. Whether it will give you curls depends on your hair texture and thickness. For example, I need to apply The Carlin to dry hair to get curls. But I have heard from multiple customers that said they got more curls when using on damp hair.

Q: What is the difference between Black vs Midnight Black Carlin? 

A: Midnight Black Carlins are handmade in Colorado vs Black Carlins are machine-stitched. Functionality-wise, there is no difference and they are both just black. If you have thick hair, I recommend The Black Carlin since they are slightly longer and have a wider opening than The Midnight Black Carlin.

Q: The Carlin I want is sold out. What can I do?

A: Please sign up to get a notification from the WAITLIST page. When we have it back in stock, you will be automatically sent an email letting you know the availability.

Q: How to clean The Carlin?

A: We suggest gently using a wet cloth or a hand vacuum to remove dust. Do not machine wash or dry as The Carlin has wire inside. Please do not use the washer & dryer as it has wire inside. The use of a machine washer or dryer will instantly break the product.

Q: My wire is no longer perfectly straight after using it a few times. What can I do?

A: Please attempt to gently untwist the wire after each use if this bothers you. The wire will not go back to being perfectly straight once it's used, but this is completely normal and won’t affect the functionality of The Carlin. If you like an extremely tight hold and look to your bun, you may want to use 2 Carlins together instead. Simply put one Carlin on top of another and apply to your hair as shown on the demo video on the website. This will result in a very tight hold without the need for too much twisting. 

Q: How long does The Carlin last?

A: The Carlin can really last anywhere between 6 months to 3 years depending on how often it is used. The Carlin is not a guaranteed lifetime product however by referring to the information below you can extend the product’s life as long as possible :

- The wire inside The Carlin is held together using a small connecting piece of metal. You will be able to feel this part which is located directly behind The Carlin label found on the product. We have made it this way so that this part of The Carlin does not need to be twisted in order to achieve the desired look. Excessive twisting of this looped wire area may eventually cause the connecting piece to break. Therefore if you would like to extend the life of The Carlin, avoid twisting this part.

- If you like an extremely tight hold and look to your bun, you may want to use 2 Carlins together instead. Simply put one Carlin on top of another and apply to your hair as shown on the demo. This will result in a very tight hold without the need for too much twisting.

- To clean The Carlin, use wet cloth or hand vacuum to remove dust. Please do not use the washer & dryer as it has wire inside. The use of a machine washer or dryer will instantly break the product.


Q: I just placed my order. When will it ship?

Orders are being packaged and shipped as soon as possible. We ship all orders from Dallas TX via USPS First Class mail within 4 business days of receiving the order. You will receive an email with a USPS tracking code when your shipping label is generated. Please allow 24 business hours for USPS to update its tracking status. 

We can control how quickly we ship your order, but we can not guarantee how long USPS takes to deliver the package. If you need faster shipping, you have the option to select USPS Priority Shipping. Due to current global situations, please expect that packages may arrive after the estimated delivery time frame listed below during this time. As postal services are dealing with increased volumes and implementing safety distancing measures. We send an email with USPS tracking number as soon as the shipping label is generated so you can monitor the status of package shipped. Please check the tracking information on USPS website for more details. Please note that it is common for a package to say delivered and turn up a few days later. We are not responsible for shipping costs associated with late package arrivals, return, or for undeliverable packages.

Q: Where can I purchase The Carlin?

The Carlin is sold exclusively at

We currently do not offer The Carlin anywhere else.

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