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Love it!

This is so easy to use and looks great, can be casual or new favorite go to for doing my hair!

So 😍 cute

These earrings are super cute and lightweight😊

Tried it on my long hair...

I have straight long hair past the middle of my back. Curls easily but I don't have the time with irons and rollers. I watched a video by Mihoko to adapt for long hair but I still found it challenging. I figured out a way to do it and have become more flexible with my arms, lol. With the long length, I wash my hair every other day maybe every two... I blast my hair dry, put it in and the carlin gives me tons of curl and body for the next few days or more if I want. Win! Day 1 had tighter curls... pic is day2!

I had to try it and...

I figured my hair was too short but I was desparate and wanted to give it a try any way - so glad I did!

I get so many compliments. Love them!

This came up on my FB news feed one day, and it intrigued me. My first ever Carlin arrived today. I wasn't sure how well it would work, since my hair is only shoulder length and very layerd, but it held my hair in a bun very well, and after wearing it for only 3 hours, I unwrapped my hair and was sure by these bouncy curls! This is definitely my new favorite hair product.

It's very pretty and comfortable!

In love with my ring! Looks expensive and it matches my other jewelry beautifully.

Working 6 in a row. Let’s watch the progression of my exhaustion! This was night number one, last night. Bun is courtesy of a very cool contraption called @carlinbymihoko. Not only is it the only bun I can keep my very slippery hair in, it curls the ends so when you take it out, you get big wavy curls.

Beautiful! So much better than I was expecting... and got the great deal using my reward points.

Works perfectly!

It works!

It works... just make sure you use something to make it hold teh curls!

Love it!

Just received my 1st one (black) and immediately after I put it in, I ordered the rest of the available colors (please the new colors and restocks coming) - love it!

Life changer

Ok, I thought all these positive comments were fishy but now I get it. My hair is hard to tame and style and it looks beautiful in the Carlin. Telling my friends and sister, but ordering more colors for me first!

I love it

Saw this on Korean drama tv show. Had to get it!

I love this. So cute and so fast!!

Awesome curls and nice to sleep in

I LOVE this so much! I wore it right away and it’s my new favorite accessory for my hair!

My hair is layered so ita hard to use this. I will have to play with it more.

My hair is fine and long, way down my back. The Carlin works every night to keep my hair in place and off my neck and face so I can sleep. And when I take my hair down in the morning, I have curls, Curls, CURLS. I always get complements. With these two new Carlins, I will be experimenting with hair styling for events.

I just wanted to say I love this product! I just received mine in the mail today and granted it did take a few tries and watching the how to video but this product is way better then the hot buns product I used to use. This product is soft, doesn’t pull my hair and I think this holds my bun better then the Hot buns product. I’m so glad to have found a product that’s simple and easy to use!

I have very thin, baby fine hair that is shoulder with longer layers. It takes some work getting most of my hair into The Carlin to get a good girl. I do like the bun I get and the way it keeps the hair off my neck. I'm growing my hair out, so maybe once it's longer, I'll enjoy it more.

I’ve had mine for almost two weeks and have used it nearly every day. I have fine, slippery hair that doesn’t like to stay put, and I’m not very skilled at working with it. The first time I tried the Carlin, I was able to get my hair up easily, quickly, and it stayed! I’ve tried other accessories to create a similar style bun but it always would take several tries for me to get it right, not to mention that it was so uncomfortable I couldn’t tolerate it for long. The Carlin is comfortable, doesn’t pull, is versatile, stays in place all day, and doesn’t lead to breakage like what I experience with hair ties. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith with this product!

I love mine. I have long straight hair and had it in a bun for 8 hours. When I took the Carlin out I really did have long spiral curls. My hair looked professionally done and I am no where near a professional. I will try to get one in red.

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