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  • I just made this video for styling long hair. Please check out:
    You can also put your hair in a ponytail, apply The Carlin by rolling it outward and securing it at the bottom as you see in this video:

  • I received my carlin and was able to use it right away as I had watched the video on FB. I love your invention, my only problem is my hair is very long and it’s hard to slide the carlin all the way down to a point where I can flip my hair over it.. I like styling it with the carlin and it’s really quite convenient to use, easy to put away and nice to take anywhere! Thanks!

    Pamela Pinskey
  • You can apply The Carlin to wet hair, but most likely you won’t get benefit of getting curls. Please also check out Q&A section (

  • Can you use the Carlin on wet hair? After I wash my hair , can I put it in a bun with the Carlin and get curls?
    Thanks so much


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